— santa fe winer. iii
— 6 x 6 inches oil on panel — copyright dawn chandler 2011

I thought this one would be easy. Afterall, there’s not much to it: A simple line of trees, a bit of duel-colored sky, and a swath of sun-striped snow. The composition is simple and there just aren’t that many color variations—maybe six. And yet ARRRRGH! I struggled with this! The most frustrating part was trying to get the right color for the sun-highlighted evergreen trees. That’s a challenge that has vexed me in other paintings. To my eye, the color of late day sun-highlighted evergreen trees is usually a rusty-orange brown color. Trying to achieve the correct hue and shade and apply it without making the trees look dead can be a real a struggle. After a few stops and starts I think I finally pulled it off here, but just barely. Really, the color of the tree highlights could be a shade lighter, but I’m going to leave it and quit while I’m barely ahead.