end of the day over the philmont range
— oil on canvas — 24 x 36 inches
— copyright Dawn Chandler 2011

In June of last year patron friends of mine contacted me about doing a commission for them. Several years earlier they purchased my original oil painting of June Evening On the Cimarron, which they hung in their living room. Now they wanted something for their dining room.

After spending some time studying my paintings on my website, my friends thought they might like a New Mexico landscape with a peaceful mood, and some of the warm colors they saw in some of my other paintings.

Once they settled on these parameters (warm colors, peaceful mood), I offered to do a series of smaller landscape paintings based on their preferences, and see if I came up with something that appealed to them. If so, I would then create a larger painting of the one they liked. If not, I’d keep creating smaller paintings in hopes of eventually coming up with something they liked.

By October I had completed ten panoramic landscape paintings (all of which, incidentally, were posted and discussed at one time or another here on my blog). I created a special presentation for my friends so that they could easily view all of the paintings. A modified version of The Panorama Paintings presentation can be viewed by clicking here.

While my friends were drawn to several of the smaller paintings, the one that really resonated for them was End of Day Over the Philmont Range. They especially liked the tapestry of colors in the foreground.

So in late October I set about creating a larger version of End of Day Over the Philmont Range and had a ball painting on a larger scale. I had it more or less completed by mid December, but then put it away for a few weeks to give my eyes and sense of discernment a rest from looking at it. In early January I pulled it out again, made a few adjustments here and there, and then, finally, deemed it finished.

To share the finished piece with my friends, I created yet another presentation, The Dining Room Painting Commission, which can be viewed by clicking here.

One of my few joys in early February this year was to share with my late father a picture of the finished large painting, End of the Day Over the Philmont Range and the great news that my friends happily approved of the painting. (My Dad was pleased. 🙂

Yesterday, I finally shipped off the painting, concluding this really rather wonderful and cool project. I loved doing it, loved painting big and exploring landscapes on a horizontal. In fact, I enjoyed it all so much that I suspect there will be more such paintings churning out of my studio in the coming months. God knows I’m ready to get busy painting again.