— santa fe winter, iV — the chamisa trail
— 6 x 6 inches oil on panel — copyright dawn chandler

Remember these? My small (6″ x 6″) “daily landscape” oil paintings? I had started to post some new ones in January, but my rhythm got interrupted when I had to rush off to the east coast later that month…

Here’s one of two more little landscapes I had done in January that I hadn’t had time to post. This scene here is on the afternoon of December 28th, 2010, on the Chamisa Trail of the Santa Fe Forest, just a few miles from down town, and off the ski valley road. The day felt fairly warm — until we got in the shade, when we were reminded that it really was winter. We had just turned around at this point, to see the bright light of midafternoon highlighting the slope of distant evergreens.