finding my way home
— mixed media and oil on panel
— 6 x 6 inches — copyright dawn chandler 2011

Much of the past few days has been spent cleaning and organizing my studio. It’s always a motivating project, reminding me of the many materials I have buried away, and inspiring me to get my hands dirty with them.

My studio walls were cluttered with last year’s paintings — lots of landscapes, and a few “abstracts” tucked behind them. I’ve decided to put away all of the landscapes, at least for now. I have some big projects lined up for this year and I need room to breathe and think. Having too much visual clutter just gets in the way of new ideas.

The excavation of my studio turned up this piece, pictured above. I’m pleasantly surprised to find it; I like it more than I remembered. It’s another of the few mixed media pieces I had a chance to work on last year.
The suggestions of landscape, the arched passageways, ambiguity of form and illusion….these are familiar themes of mine when it comes to my mixed media/abstract work.

There’s a jewel-like color clarity — especially in the blues — that rather sings to me in this piece. That color quality, combined with the small scale, and the archways might account for why, this morning, as I contemplate this little painting, I am reminded of the paintings of the lovely book of prayer, Les Tres Riches des Heures duc de Berry.

I used to make little books. Tiny pages of yet tinier collages. Small books of whispered prayers.
My prayers.
Pages of my soul.

This piece is not being put away. It’s going above my work table.