santa fe sunset, 1 — oil on panel — 6 x 6 inches — copyright dawn chandler 2011

I am going to take the liberty of speaking on behalf of all New Mexicans and say this: I am tired of the wind.


Alas, this is what “spring” in New Mexico means: WIND.

Hard to appreciate the soft beauty of delicate fruit trees coming into bloom, or the tender shoots of new green growth cautiously rising from the ground, when a fury of dust blows eternally…. ARGH.

Well, if nothing else, I can at least attempt to escape the maelstrom that is New Mexican spring by recalling the beauty and peacefulness of more appreciable times in this otherwise blessed land. Here then is a painting I whipped up yesterday afternoon of a New Mexico sunset, based on a photo I took some time last year. It was luscious fun to escape into these colors… I almost didn’t even hear the wind bludgeoning the side of the studio…