kind of blue
— 11.25 x 9 inches — mixed media on panel
— copyright 2011 dawn chandler

A piece that developed over many years, finally deemed finished. How can it have developed over many years? Because it started first as a small collage of about 3 x 4 inches, that was complete in its own right and framed. Eventually I took it out of its frame, decided to recycle it, and glued more stuff to it. At some point it got glued onto a panel, yet more collage elements were adhered, paint was applied here and there, fragments of photos, jolts of color, and then one day — Voila! —I felt satisfied that it was complete.

There’s little that’s recognizable in this, but to me, all those rectangular shapes weaving in and out of depth and clarity are like passageways — pockets of emotion….
sights and sounds and smells…..



Below, some details: