philmont summer, ix
— 6 x 6 inches — oil on panel — from the daily painting series
— copyright Dawn Chandler 2010

Late morning along the road through Rayado country, from Zastrow to Carson Meadows.

Here’s another one that was challenging. Why? Because there were really no distinct shadows. It was close to noon, and also a little bit hazy, so there wasn’t much in the way of shadows. Without distinct shadows to help describe volume and visual contrast and interest, I find the picture can often go flat. Also, in the middle of the day the colors can get bleached out, especially out here in the high desert where the sun is so intensely bright.

For these reasons this picture isn’t as visually rich to me as it might’a/could’a been had I been able to get some photos at a different time of day — say early morning or evening.

I guess though that not everyone is bothered by the “shortcomings” that I see here, for this little painting sold just a few days after I did it.