A collector who’s become a good friend visited with his young daughter on Sunday evening. My studio was a stop on their 2-week road trip. Whether intentionally or not, he and his wife are cultivating in their five-year old quite an eye for art. Of the two paintings they purchased, she picked out the Nambe trees; he, the abstracted landscape, both pictured above. They also purchased a good quantity of my handcrafted soap, which is sure to scent their car — if not their bodies — for the remainder of their trip!

I recall that those Nambe trees were quite a challenge — how to get the feeling of soon-to-bud springtime growth without getting caught up in rendering every last twig and branch. How I resolved it is described here: http://taosdawn.blogspot.com/2010/04/42610-nambe-spring-ii.html

The abstracted landscape is based on a scene in Vermont. Back when I was doing the weekend Santa Fe art markets last spring, I had a woman hemming and hawing about buying this piece. She clearly loved it , returned several times, and even studied it on my web site. I was sorry that she never came back to buy it, for it clearly spoke to her. In the end it’s just as well, for I’m even more pleased to have it be added to the growing collection of a good friend. I recognize that these abstracted landscapes and mixed media pieces don’t speak to everyone, so I’m always particularly excited when the do resonate for someone.

Here my original blog post about this piece: