— 8 x 16 inches — oil on linen
— copyright Dawn Chandler 2010

Remember yesterday I said that sometimes when I give my studio a thorough tidying, I’m sometimes pleasantly surprised to find paintings I had forgotten about? Here is one such painting. I had worked off and on on this for a long long time, and finally added the finishing touches to it late this spring.

The evolution of this canvas (and others in this yet unnamed series) is rooted in tradition, for buried neath layers of oil paint lies a “traditional” landscape painting — one with which I was not satisfied. So I started to transform the recognizable landscape into something more abstract, by adding and scraping away and adding again and rubbing out layers of paint. I love the adventure of this process, and never have any planned notion of where it’s going to take me.

This piece, in it’s quietly romantic way, reminds me of Italy. Perhaps my friend, Chipman, last night sensed this, for of my dozens of paintings, this is the piece he decided he must have. He and his family have just moved back to the United States from Italia. This painting is so new (few have seen it) that it is as yet untitled. In fact, I’m so fond of this piece and in evokes such a feeling of peacefulness, that I had kind of thought I might keep it for myself. But Chip’s a good friend with a keen eye for art; as I wrapped it up for him, I invited him to name it. Perhaps you’d like to offer suggestions?