“making my way”
— 10 x 15.5 inches — oil on linen
— copyright Dawn Chandler 2010

I don’t remember the origin of this painting, or even when I started it. But I do know that it’s rooted in a “traditional” landscape that didn’t work out. Seems I’ve been working on it off and on for a good year or two: adding paint, scraping it away, adding more, then putting the whole thing away for days or weeks or months. Then pulling it out again. Finally I finished it earlier this summer.

This painting grows out of darkness, but there’s a light of promise and hope.
‘Traveling a difficult journey, but coming through stronger, wiser. Changed, positively.
Suggestions of landscape — trees like beacons. Archways, as if making sacred the journey itself.

Recently, I had a brief but profound conversation about my paintings with a fey stranger, who was clearly moved by my work. When I commented that “arches keep appearing in my work, but I don’t really know why or where they come from,” he said to me without a moment’s hesitation and a sparkle in his eye, “It’s because you are an Opening. You are providing an opening for others to go through.”