— miranda meadow — philmont summer, xi
— 6 x 6 inches — oil on panel — from the daily painting series
— copyright Dawn Chandler 2010

Back to landscape for a bit.
After a couple of frustrating outcomes with my little 6 x 6 paintings, to my surprise I quite suddenly created one that I love — this one of Baldy from Miranda Meadow. This is a view I return to frequently in my landscape paintings, for the meadow at Miranda is without question one of the most lovely in Northern New Mexico. Indeed, just about anyone who has ever been to this spot shares my reverence for this place.

But back to painting.
I began this painting as I begin all of my landscapes: by rather sloppily slapping down some paint (usually dark colors at first) with a large brush. My aim at this stage is to get in the basic forms and structure of the composition, with the intention of moving in later with smaller brushes and more color to etch out some details.
But with this piece, after just a few bold strokes of my large brush, I had the essential form of the landscape down and — WOW! — there it was! The landscape was complete! I suddenly realized that no further detail was needed, for it’s all here.

I love that.

Hmmm….’Wonder if I could achieve this on a much larger scale….? May have to give it a shot.