hoping they’ll find me

— 8 x 8 inches — mixed media

— copyright Dawn Chandler 2011

In the grey days following my father’s death this past February, when I was tending to the trying chore of going through his things and cleaning out his apartment, I’d find myself each evening, mentally and emotionally exhausted, sitting in his easy chair beside the open porch door. Though winter, I had the door ajar, to cool things off after a long day of hauling boxes and books and furniture.

The colors of those days were the wan palette of winter. But the sunsets there in central New Jersey were glorious shades of brilliant pink and orange. Each evening, just as the last colors of sunset were about to fade, a flock of geese would fly low overhead. All other sounds seemed to evaporate, save the call of those honking geese. They were such a comfort to me during those difficult days. I couldn’t help but sense my parents’ spirit in the passage of those geese.

Those wetland birds have continued to visit me in the high desert of New Mexico, if only in the realm of my paintings. . . .

Below, a few details of “Hoping They’ll Find Me” ~

“Hoping They’ll Find Me” will be on display with many other of my recent works at the Downey Gallery in Santa Fe during my September show. The opening reception is Friday, September 2nd, 5:00 – 7:00pm