taos mountain sunset (first snow)
10 panorama vii
— 10 x 20 inches — oil on canvas
— copyright Dawn Chandler 2010

A rainbow of colors….and yet it’s real. For those who have never been to New Mexico and wonder what people are talking about when they speak of “the light” out here, this is it. Nothing quite like Taos Mountain capturing the light of the setting sun, especially when there’ some fresh snow on the peak. And here it is from one of my favorite view points (and everyone else’s) — the edge of that beautiful expansive field that lies north between Hwy 64 and the mountains in El Prado.

I think my favorite part of this painting is something you can’t really see in this photo (see detail below): It’s where when I was scraping some of the bluey-purple paint across the sky with my palette knife, I accidentally left two “shadows” of the knife’s edge visible in the sky. Actually, to call it an “accident” is incorrect; I surely saw the marks but decided to leave them. Evidence of the artist’s tools.