summer storm breaking over rayado canyon
10 panorama x
— 10 x 20 inches — oil on canvas
— copyright Dawn Chandler 2010

I admit that I love this painting. For I think it captures on a relatively small scale the “big sky” and “land of enchantment” realities of the landscape out here — those very qualities that haunt the dreams and imagination of anyone who has ever been to New Mexico.

The view here is from the Miami Lane, the dirt road that runs perpendicular to the Philmont range of mountains — about 7 miles east of the Ranch and Cimarron. I took the photo that this is based on several years ago, on a beautiful June evening. We’re looking west toward Rayado Canyon….

I’ve done several paintings based on this scene, this one being my favorite, so far.

I’m thinking this one definitely needs to be done on a larger scale….