Well this is kind of cool: My painting “Baldy from Miranda Meadow” which I did this past summer, now adorns the cover of the newly released book, Carry On! The Life Adventures of Joe Davis, Former Director of Camping, Philmont Scout Ranch. Written by James Sundergill, edited by Bill Cass it is published by the Philmont Staff Association — the alumni organization for which I was the executive director for several years some time back.

Baldy Mountain, standing 12,441 ft in elevation, is the highest peak on Philmont. I climbed it for the first time thirty years ago (!!), when I was fifteen, trekking across the Ranch for the first time with a group of great friends and my parents on a two-week backpacking trip. Climbing Baldy in the wee hours of a July morning was surely the hardest and most challenging thing I’d ever done up to that point in my life. The glory felt on the top of the peak just as the sun was breaking over the eastern planes is a cherished memory I hold to this day. Summitting that peak — just like I did three decades ago — is a crowning, life affirming achievement for thousands of kids and adults every year.
The mountain and it’s surrounding area were acquired by the Scouts back in the 60s, during Joe Davis’ tenure at Philmont, and was an especially beloved part of the Ranch to Mr. Davis. It therefore only seems appropriate that an image of the peak grace the cover of a book about the man. I’m pleased with how well the cover turned out. Indeed, I don’t mind at all that the painting image was cropped considerably. It looks good!

The timing of the book’s publication couldn’t have been better, as I’ve just had giclee prints of the painting made.

For more details and to buy a print of Baldy from Miranda Meadow, click here.

For more details and to buy the Joe Davis book, “Carry On!’, click here.