A tightening of a vice grip — that’s what my head feels like is happening to it on either temple. Haven’t had a cold this bad in years…… Makes me realize how much I take my usual good health for granted. Also makes me realize what a wimp I am, to feel this badly from a cold, when courageous people I know are fighting off much more serious and painful diseases.

Interesting that in the midst of this achy misery, about the only thing I can do that doesn’t exhaust me or make my head and brain ache is paint. Who would have thought? Certainly not I. But yesterday, at least, when not sleeping in a head-cold coma, I found working at my easel to be remarkably soothing — even more so than usual. My fuzzy brain — otherwise strained and pained by activity — just seemed to fade in to a place of quiet peacefulness, such that I didn’t really have to think much at all; some other silent part of my brain just kind of kicked in and took me away to a place of comfort. The further surprise is that I painted well, even, despite significant numbers of brain synapses dulled with sickness.

I guess this is one of the reasons we create: that no matter our wounds or ailments, on some level it lets us escape from our pain and go to a place of nurturing peacefulness.

Detail of a new landscape painting I’ve been working on this week ….