traditional landscape paintings by dawn chandler


the view: taos' rio grande gorge, oil painting by artist dawn chandler

the view: taos’ rio grande gorge — oil on panel — en plein air — 8″ x 10″

With a contemporary impressionistic style, Dawn Chandler’s traditional landscape paintings attempt to capture what her eyes see in the natural world around her. Rather than emphasizing details, Dawn evokes a sense of a place through her painterly play of the light and color. Dawn’s home of New Mexico, with its dazzling light and magnificent cloud formations, provides no end of inspiration for her colorful landscapes. An adventurous spirit though frequently take her Elsewhere—from Colorado to Oregon, from Wyoming to Vermont—such that these places find occasional expression in her oil paintings as well.

Dawn is primarily a studio painter and creates her oil paintings from a vast library of her own photographs. And yet…. when the weather turns warm and the sun rises early and sets late, Dawn finds it hard to stay inside. Look for her then in the mountains around Taos, Santa Fe, and Albuquerque and the Philmont Ranch; you will likely find her outside painting with her plein air kit (and often accompanied by her studio mascot) as she strives to capture the fleeting light around her.

View Dawn Chandler’s “traditional” New Mexico landscape paintings.

View Dawn Chandler’s “traditional” Elsewhere landscape paintings.