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11.24.2012 ~ view from the top of wheeler (el grande)

by | Nov 26, 2012 | hiking, Moreno Valley, new mexico landscapes, oil painting, Taos, taos ski valley, wheeler peak

view from the top of wheeler peak, taos ~ by dawn chandler  ~ oil on canvas ~ 24 x 48 inches ~ copyright dawn chandler 2012

And there you are: 

You rose early in the morning, met friends in the parking lot, grabbed coffee and a burrito at Michael’s Kitchen, continued driving on up through Taos and Taos Ski Valley, where you parked, and embarked on your hike — your breath freezing those first few minutes as you made your way up through the trees and eventually into the dazzling sunlight. 

….Some time later….your bones, muscles and lungs weary, you ascend the steep path to the summit of the highest mountain in all of New Mexico — all 13,065 feet of Wheeler Peak.

You’re now looking east, toward Old Mike and the Moreno Valley, and you’re feeling like a rock star. 

Rock on! 
You’re glorious.

My second oil painting of this view from the top of Wheeler. And this one is LARGE. 24 x 48 inches! I was inspired after the terrific positive response to my first (much smaller) painting of this view, to try my hand at a larger one and have prints made of it. I have now done that, and am pleased to offer prints in three sizes. Click here for more information! Whoop-YEAH!

Here are some details of the painting: