watercolor wanderings


A celebration of joyful “play” in thinking about, conjuring and abstracting the New Mexico landscape.

Especially in these anxious days of pandemic, my regular practice of painting in watercolor has been a welcome creative ritual.

I don’t consider myself a “watercolorist.” Rather, I’m simply an artist having a helluva good time seeing what paint and water on paper will do.

And I’m sure having fun abstracting New Mexico’s land and sky — per my perpetual interest in combining “recognizable” landscape forms with passages of pure abstraction.

What surprises me most about this series is the wildly buoyant color.
I guess that’s just the medicine my Muse needs right now.

As you’re looking at these, be sure to click on each painting to see the full image.

You can learn more about these watercolor paintings in my post The Importance of a Daily Creative Practice. 

Many of my Watercolor Wanderings are now available via my online gallery store here.

And you can watch as I paint painting #30 in this nifty video.