join me each tuesday for a deep breath

In our fractured, frenetic, seemingly ever-darkening world, do you find yourself yearning for light, for calm… for uplift and inspiration?

I do, too.

That’s why I’ve created Tuesday Dawnings, my weekly deep breath of uplift.

Tuesday Dawnings is my effort to be a source of light, to offer a few moments of pause and reflection.

Tuesday Dawnings is like a retreat in an email.
Peaceful, reflective, thoughtful, refreshing, and is a great beginning to your day.

~ Teresa da Luz, East Northport, New York

Each weekly message is filled with a vibrant array of images of what has captured my eye — what I notice — in the world around me (usually rooted in New Mexico, though sometimes elsewhere). These are accompanied by thoughtful, inspiring words of wisdom from some of the thinkers and writers I admire, as well as poetry, music, sometimes film & book recommendations, and often a peek into what’s going on in my studio and sketchbooks.

Tuesday Dawnings allows me to pause my daily routine and reflect on not only the poem, painting, photograph or other thoughtful piece of prose inside of Dawn’s weekly emails, but to allow myself the space to stop everything and find a way to allow the smaller bits and pieces around my life to enter – whether it’s a time to breathe more freely and openly, think of my family and friends and find what is meaningful to me in this world. I’m reminded of this every Tuesday, and although I don’t always read them on Tuesday, once I get to it, I feel refreshed and a renewed focus.

~ Matt Nichols, Flagstaff, Arizona

As a thank you for signing up, I’ve created a special gift — TaosDawn’s Daily Practices for Cultivating Calm, Clarity, Curiosity & Creativity — a colorful, downloadable and printable 2-page pdf outline of some of the practices I strive to embrace each day. Also included in it are some of my favorite books, podcasts and other recommendations.

so come ~ join me for tuesday dawnings

Sign up below and I’ll look forward to sharing a deep breath of pause with you next Tuesday.

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New Mexico Sky Musing, XI, mixed media on canvas, contemporary abstract landscape by New Mexico painter Dawn Chandler
New Mexico Sky Musing Number 2 by Santa Fe artist Dawn Chandler.

Dawn Chandler is an artist and avid outdoorswoman who celebrates life and her love of nature via her writing, photography and most especially through her traditional & abstract landscape paintings. She feels blessed every day to live in New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment.