enchanted color

Color is the place where the brain and the universe meet.

~ Paul Klee


Close your eyes for a moment and think of New Mexico.
What sort of images come to mind?
Chances are that more than anything you imagined color.


Isn’t that really what stands out when we think of New Mexico?
Cool dusty minty green sagebrush. Dark purple-grey of shadowed canyons. Warm terracotta and ochre earth and adobe. Jade summer cottonwoods, their leaves burnished gold in autumn. Ruby hollyhocks and fire-red dried chiles.

And BLUE. Blue of turquoise, blue of sky. That incredible brilliant, piercing blue of New Mexico skies.

Yet while most people see color, few really SEE color.
Fewer still are aware of how colors interact with and relate to each other.
Color awareness is a matter of pausing, looking, noticing. SEEING.

And once one does that — once one begins to notice and be aware of color — a larger window on the world is suddenly thrown open. A world at once filled with delicacy and subtly, vibrancy and brilliance.

Enchanted Color is the Art Experience I’ve created at the invitation of Bishop’s Lodge Auberge Resort for the benefit of their guests. An immersive hands-on art class, Enchanted Color is designed to open guest’s awareness and appreciation of the exhilarating world of color. Through fun, engaging exercises we explore color via the medium of collage — the activity of cutting, arranging and gluing papers. Our materials are beautifully hand-painted papers that I’ve created specially for Enchanted Color. Each guest is provided a packet of gorgeous materials to keep, so that they may continue to explore collage and color at home. Absolutely no previous art experience is necessary; all levels are welcome.


If you are planning at stay at Bishop’s Lodge, book an Enchanted Color session by contacting the resort.


At this time Enchanted Color is available to Bishop’s Lodge guests only. However if you are not a BL guests, but think you might be interested in experiencing Enchanted Color, contact me via my Connect page. If there is enough interest I may consider expanding Enchanted Color to private sessions in my studio.


How I came to develop Enchanted Color is a fun story, which I share in a series of four blog posts:

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