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Although I’m no longer on social media, there are all sorts of ways to stay in touch and keep tabs on my creative world. Check out the many options:

New Mexico Sky Musing Number 3 by Santa Fe artist Dawn Chandler.

1. send me a message

You may do so via this form. Please note: In order to optimize my focus on deep creative work, checking and responding to messages is not a super high priority for me. That said, if you shoot me a message and anticipate a response from me, be sure to check your spam and promotions folders for my reply. This is especially important if you have Gmail.

2. tuesdaydawnings — a weekly message of uplift

TuesdayDawnings is a “deep breath” message that I share each Tuesday morning.
For over 200 Tuesdays now, they have become a weekly practice of reminding myself (and anyone else who is interested) that, despite the relentless horrors, ugliness and anxieties permeating our lives, beauty and delight surround us, if we would just pause to notice.

Each edition of TuesdayDawnings is a carefully curated collection of photography (my own, and predominantly of New Mexico), thought-provoking passages, poems and quotes from some of my favorite thinkers and writers. Frequently I include peeks into my painting projects and other creative activities. Soothing music rounds out every issue. Sometimes a good book recommendation or even a curious vocabulary word makes its way into an issue of TuesdayDawnings. I spend hours each week curating these collections, yet provide them to subscribers — my “Tuesday Revelers” — at no charge.
Learn more about TuesdayDawnings and the benefits of subscribing.

late summer colorado sunrise clouds - landscape painting in oil by artist dawn chandler
dream of new mexico, ii - contemporary abstract landscape painting by new mexico artist dawn chandler

3. real mail

Call me old-fashioned, but I like to send beautiful, inspiring cards through the mail. If you would welcome an occasional artful card in your snail mail box (usually timed around the change of seasons) sign up for my Real Mail mailing list:

4. inside the studio — my oh-so-very-occasional newsletter

Perfect if you’d welcome an update from me once, twice, maybe three (rarely four) times per year. My Inside the Studio newsletter features highlights of creative projects, sometimes a bit of art history or amusing tale, as well as suggestions for cool museums & art shows to check out, recommendations for books on art and creativity, a few cool quotes, and other random & generally arty info. Learn more about and subscribe to Inside the Studio.

valle caldera summer vista, new mexico - landscape painting in oil by artist dawn chandler
New Mexico Sky Musing, XI, mixed media on canvas, contemporary abstract landscape by New Mexico painter Dawn Chandler

5. musings from the studio: reflections on art and life

This is my main blog, where I share deeper, long-form thoughts about my life as an artist. I enjoy writing, and one of these days I hope to make it a weekly practice. For now, I’m lucky if I post once every month or two…. Check out my blog musings from the studio: reflections on art and life. Some popular posts are:

my walk across vermont

some unsolicited advice from me to you

why we leave new mexico

the tide of awareness on the longest day of the year

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autumn across america

walking away from social media — one year later

6. the dawn chandler painting folio

This is my other blog and is strictly and simply an easy platform for sharing paintings. Kind of a cool and fun layout, this is a great place to just get a big visual pop of my recent work. Direct links to my Etsy shop are provided for each available painting. Visit the dawn chandler painting folio blog.

summer morning on the edge of the collegiate range, colorado - landscape painting in oil by artist dawn chandler
dream of new mexico, i - contemporary abstract landscape painting by new mexico artist dawn chandler

7. dawnchandlerstudio on etsy

Etsy has been my terrific online selling platform for over a decade now. Peruse and shop my available painting and prints via my dawnchandlerstudio Etsy shop.

8. and

Welcome to my website — you’re already here! Thanks for finding me. 👩‍🎨



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