contemporary abstract landscape paintings by dawn chandler

the textual landscape paintings

Dawn Chandler’s paintings are a celebration of  journeys across the land. By merging traditional landscape imagery with fragments of text and abstract elements, Dawn’s “textual landscapes” suggest land and place in a way that invites the viewer to linger. More than ‘nature studies’ or simple abstractions of the landscape, for Dawn these paintings are deeper expressions of not only journeys in the outdoors, but the passage of time and transience of life. Paint spatters and swirls suggest the movements of birds, often great flocks of them. Vertical lines divide the space into passageways and chapters of time, thought and experience. Fragments of language—most recently reflections on life and the outdoors from Dawn’s own journals—emerge in a sort of ghost poetry, further beckoning the the viewer to linger and consider the journeys evoked within each painting.