contemporary abstract landscapes by dawn chandler

the textual landscape paintings


My abstract landscapes are visual celebrations of journeys in the outdoors. By merging traditional landscape imagery with fragments of text and abstract elements, my “textual landscapes” evoke land and place in a deeply personal way. More than ‘nature studies’ or simple abstractions of landscape, for me these paintings are reflections on the passage of time, the kaleidoscopic nature of memory; the transience of life. Vertical lines divide space into passages of awareness and experience. Swirls of paint suggest bird flight. Colors—autumn golds; winter blues, storm grays; turquoise sage; and of course, the intense and myriad blue of western skies—fuse into a visual montage of the senses and reverence for the seasons. Fragments of language from my own journals emerge through layers of paint, creating a sort of ghost poetry. All merge in a colorful invitation to the viewer to pause, ponder and linger in the visual ‘journey’ described within each painting.

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