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5.01.2013 ~ baldy from wilson mesa – mark’s view – painting and prints

by | May 1, 2013 | backpacking, Baldy Mountain, new mexico landscapes, oil painting, Philmont, Philmont Ranger, Rayado, summer, Wilson Mesa

baldy from wilson mesa ~ mark’s view ~ by dawn chandler ~ oil on canvas ~ 24″ x 48″ ~ copyright dawn chandler 2013

And here it is: the grand result of my recent painting explorations of the view of Baldy from WIlson Mesa. Recall that I started this project because my brother and sister-in-law desired a large painting for the fireplace mantel of their cabin. My brother had worked the gamut of jobs in the Ranger Department at Philmont back in the early 1980s — Ranger, Ranger Trainer, Rayado Trek Coordinator and Associate Chief Ranger — and so knows that country well. Of all the places on the Ranch though, the top of Wilson Mesa and its majestic view of Baldy Mountain is his favorite. This, then, was the view he requested for the painting.

I created six painting studies of the view for him to consider. In the end, this is the one he selected, and in my opinion he made the right choice. The other paintings are all lovely, but this one has a commanding presence — a majesty — not quite found in the others. This painting — this view — of Baldy from Wilson Mesa makes me pause with awe and wonderment: Can I do it?
And then it makes me want to lace up my boots and start hiking…west to that summit.

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Details of the painting and print:

And this is the study painting from which my brother made his selection:

baldy from wilson mesa – mark’s view (study) ~ by dawn chandler ~ oil on panel ~ 12″ x 24″ ~ copyright ~ dawn chandler ~ 2013