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5.13.13 ~ the philmont museum : the gift of inspiration

by | May 13, 2013 | mixed media landscape, new mexico landscapes, Philmont

Last Thursday night I had the pleasure of driving over to Cimarron and attending the opening reception of The Gift of Inspiration at the Philmont Museum.

How inspiring to see such creative excellence gathered together in one room. What fun to recognize the names on the wall of friends and peers.

The work of multimedia artist Buster Simpson (left) and retablo artist Charlotte Hollis (right).

Musical instruments by Russ Wolf on display in a case, with the music of Timothy Seaman softly playing throughout the museum.

Philmont seems to be especially fertile ground for inspiring photographers….

Here There Be Witches by Greg Russell

The Jumper by Mark Rikard

A suite of photographs by Daniel Overturf

And of course painters, including my good buddy, Jeff Segler:

Heading for Summer Pastures ~ oil on linen ~ by J. W. “Jeff” Segler

The art of Keith Walters

The craft of Steve Rick.

The Philmont experience has even inspired the creation of games! (It was impossible to photograph the pinball machine without a gaggle of kids — and dads! — around it… I finally gave up!)

The dazzling creative world of games master George Gomez.

How moving to read their words of how their experience at Philmont uniquely shaped them. 

 Photographer/farrier Mark Rikard reflects on his Philmont experience.

And what a privilege to see my own art upon the wall in the company of such fine artistry.

Have You Gazed…. (Baldy Mountain from Wilson Mesa, Reconsidered) ~ mixed media on panel (diptych) ~ 36″ x 72″ ~ by Dawn Chandler

Fun, too, to see so many familiar faces among the crowd mingling through the museum, admiring the exhibits!

Real live cowboy and musician extraordinaire Rod Taylor admiring the work of his long-ago colleague in the Horse Department, Mark Rikard


A hearty BRAVO to the Philmont Museum, the Philmont food service staff, and everyone else involved in orchestrating such a wonderful event.
Thank you!