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7.15.13 ~ artist in residence at philmont scout ranch

by | Jul 16, 2013 | en plein air, landscape painting, new mexico landscapes, oil painting, Philmont, Villa Philmonte

How blessed am I?!

Arrived at Philmont Scout Ranch Sunday for my week of being an “Artist in Residence.” This is in conjunction with the Gift of Inspiration exhibit currently on display at the Philmont Museum, that highlights the art of former Philmont staff. The Ranch has graciously provided me with room and board for the week and in return I am “doing my art thing” and interacting with participants.

With my little Subaru packed to the gills, I unloaded quantities of art and supplies and set up a makeshift studio in the covered alcove behind the museum. 

Setting up [painting!] shop at the Philmont Museum.

Because my painting Have You Gazed… in the exhibit is of mixed media, that’s what I’m working on while camped in the alcove. This way people can get a sense of how my big painting was made. When not working on mixed media at the picnic table, I’m out and about at the Ranch, painting en plein air — as I did Sunday night after dinner, under the portico of the Villa. Here’s a quick (c. 1 hour) painting of the view looking west, with rain clouds building for what was to become an epic overnight storm.

Evening View from the Villa Portico ~ by Dawn Chandler ~ oil on panel (en plein air) ~ 8 x 10 inches

While focusing on this painting, I was mildly aware of people gathering a few feet behind me, in the assembly hall. Soon I was sharing quite a large audience with the Philmont Training Center’s opening campfire ceremony that was forced inside due to the threat of rain. At one point a young girl came out and inquired as to my name, and when I told her, she proudly announced, “We have TWO of your paintings!” She went back and fetched her mom, who, it turns out, discovered my art online last summer and, after a lovely email exchange did, indeed, buy two of my paintings! What an unexpected pleasure to meet one of my patrons in person — and under such cool circumstances.

I love this place!