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celebration & honoring

by | Jun 21, 2015 | Uncategorized

This past weekend marked some significant events in my life:

June 19
= the 61st anniversary of my dear late parents’ wedding (1954)

June 21
= the 83rd anniversary of my sainted mother’s birth (1932)
= the first day of summer (always a glorious day)
= Father’s Day (yet another day to think of and celebrate my favorite patriarch)

And what better way to celebrate and honor these all than by rising before sun-up, loading my pack and good pup in the car, journeying to the high mountains hours before the crowds, ambling down a clear gushing mountain stream, settling in among the aspen, and, with a full and happy heart, painting the scene before me?

No. Better Way!

summer solstice aspens, santa fe - plein air painting by artist dawn chandler

plein air painting among the high mountain aspen above santa fe. look carefully to spy my studio mascot.



summer solstice aspens – santa fe, oil on panel (en plein air), 8″ x 10″, by dawn chandler