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02.21.13 ~ there, in the forest…. a sister’s memory

by | Feb 21, 2013 | mixed media landscape, mourning, poetry, trees

there in the forest, ii ~ by dawn chandler ~ mixed media on panel~ 8″ x 16″ ~ copyright dawn chandler 2013  

 The message came over two years ago:

As you know my sister died on Friday morning.  I feel like I know you through her and her husband’s conversations.  I know it is a great comfort for him seeing your painting hanging on the wall.  She loved that painting!

I was hoping that at some point you might paint something for me to hang on my wall.  She loved the out doors and she loved trees.  If you are not up to it, no problem.  I just thought it would be one more way to keep her with me

Over two years went by before I was ready to do the painting. During that time I had lost loved ones of my own, my father  among them. Maybe that’s why I hesitated for so long to begin work on this piece; I just didn’t have the emotional energy to focus my thoughts so intensely on the loss of yet another friend.

But then…. this past autumn, I was ready. And the work just flowed. I created a “copy” of the original painting, but I worked in some text — phrases — that I knew had inspired these sisters.

  Here, the original painting: