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03.21.2013 ~ the baldy mountain project

by | Mar 21, 2013 | Baldy Mountain, landscape painting, New Mexico, Philmont, summer

baldy from wilson mesa ~ brilliant day (philmont) ~ by dawn chandler ~ oil on panel ~ 12″x24″ ~ copyright by dawn chandler

At last!
Spring is here and I am ready to bloom!

I’ve been inactive with art updates these past couple months and I apologize for that. But if I haven’t been traveling — admiring the red rock buttes of Sedona, researching the galleries of Scottsdale or backpacking in the Gila Wilderness — I’ve been hibernating in my studio, cranking out work! 
I’m excited! not only for Spring but to keep on keeping on with the energy that’s emanating from my studio.

Seems like lately there’s been a perfect confluence of needs : ideas : resources : inspiration stirring up my muse. Among them:

— My brother and sister-in-law have commissioned me to do a large painting for the mantel of their cabin/mountain house. 

My bros’ request? The view of Baldy Mountain from Wilson Mesa — a revered scene/spot to many who have hiked the North Country of Philmont.

— Following his request several other people inquired about that same scene!

The Philmont Museum has invited me to take part in a special year-long exhibition, “Gift of Inspiration” highlighting former Philmont staff who have gone on to pursue art-related occupations. 
I’d like to do a special painting for it — something beyond “just another pretty picture.’

— I’ve poetry on my mind. 
And words. 
Been writing poetry, even. 
And reading it. 
A lot.

— ‘Been immersing myself in the writings of key “Nature writers” — Thoreau, Leopold, Dillard, Abby, Muir, etc. 
Revisiting some, experiencing others for the first time. Inspired through and through

— Digging through a keepsake box of my Philmont days, I found my dog-eared copy of the 1985 “Warm Stars on a Cold Night: A Collection of Wilderness Quotations” from my Rangering and “Wilderness Pledge” days.

— Been getting deeper into the mountains….

Okay, so some of these require more explanation. 

Stick with me and I’ll get to them in future posts.

For now, my “Baldy Mountain Project” commences!


To start things off, here’s the first of six (so far) “traditional” landscape paintings of the view of Baldy Mountain from the top of Wilson Mesa. 
Be prepared for some “non-traditional” works ’round the corner…!