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04.08.2013 ~ trail notes: morning in the sandias

by | Apr 8, 2013 | Albuquerque, hiking, new mexico landscapes, Sandia Mountains, sketch, watercolor

quick watercolor sketch of the albuquerque sandias, here the view from supper rock lookout, looking south, near copper — 5″x7″  by dawn chandler — copyright dawn chandler 2013

Took the pup into the Sandia foothills early this morning for a hike, and on the spur of a moment decided to toss my tiny little watercolor set into my pack.

Okay, so maybe it’s not my best watercolor sketch ever, but considering I had an impatient 60lb pup tugging the leash, a slippery rock upon which to set my palette, and less than ideal paint colors, I say “not bad.”

And then when a flock of birds suddenly rose up in front of us out of no where like a fluttering of spirits, and that 60lbs of warm black love finally just gave in and snuggled up next to me, and the golden light contrasting against the purple-blue shadows of sunrise on the mountains and that feeling of not only being on top of but of owning and being owned by this great big beautiful world, I say again to myself, “not bad.”

Indeed. This may become habitforming.