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08.22.2012 ~ baldy from ute park, i

by | Aug 22, 2012 | Baldy Mountain, Cimarron, dawn, new mexico landscapes, oil painting, Philmont, summer

baldy from ute park, i ~ by dawn chandler ~ oil on panel ~ 12 x 24 inches ~ copyright dawn chandler 2012

Arguably the most splendid view of Baldy Mountain I’ve ever witnessed: the view from my friend’s cabin porch in Ute Park. Among my blessings this year I count the two summer mornings not long ago when I awoke to this view. I sat mesmerized for hours — no exaggeration there — staring at this peak, gently falling into a peace of mind “unexpected in common hours.” Worry seemed simply to melt away the longer I pondered the folds of shadow, the slanting of light….

A few painting details below: