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08.16.2012 ~ summer comes to dixon, new mexico

by | Aug 16, 2012 | Dixon, evening, New Mexico, oil painting, summer, trees

the road to miya’s ~ oil on panel ~ 12 x 24 inches ~ by dawn chandler ~ copyright dawn chandler 2012

I’m a romantic at heart. And there’s just something kind of romantic about an empty country lane or pathway… I’m always drawn in by them, wondering what lies around the bend. I guess I’m an optimist at heart, too, for I tend to imagine something positive lying ’round the corner. Despite the shadows, there’s opportunity waiting — even if that opportunity is merely to walk a little further down a quiet New Mexico lane, smelling the sage as the day folds in to twilight…

The lane  here is the road to my friend Miya’s home and pottery studio in Dixon, New Mexico. It’s based on a walk I took there one evening back in June… 

Click here and here to see other images of Miya’s place. 

Some details of the painting: