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09.09.2012 ~ of eastern shores: vinalhaven, i

by | Sep 10, 2012 | landscape painting, Maine, ocean, sea, Vinalhaven

vinalhaven, i ~ oil on panel ~ 12 x 24 inches ~ by dawn chandler ~ copyright 2012 dawn chandler

A week ago tonight I stood here, a permanent smile radiating across my face as I contemplated the ragged Maine coastline bathed in evening light. There in the briny breeze, we sampled the skin of wild rose-hips and the few remaining blackberries growing in the brambles spilling down to the granite coastline.

Oh how lucky am I to have dear friends living on that island haven, who graciously invited me to come and sojourn in their sanctuary. I could barely get enough of the rustic warmth of their cozy home, breathing deeply of coastal air, waking to the sound of gulls and distant lobster boats, the perfection of morning tea, cappuccini and maple syrup served from a Mason jar.

My painting here isn’t bad…


….it’s… not…. quite…. right. 

Though the landscape of Maine is cool…….. cool…….. cool as can be,
in this evening light the rocks radiated more warmth than I’ve conveyed here. 

The sky did, too. 
Hell, the whole scene did.
Struggle as I might I just…    couldn’t…     quite…    get it. 

Maybe it’s the Titanium White I was using rather than my usual Holbein Foundation Umber (a warmer shade of ‘white’)? 

Hmm….    not sure.

There’s only one thing to do:
Try it again.

Below, some details: