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1.21.14 ~ is it any wonder i haven’t been painting?!

by | Feb 21, 2014 | art studio, moving, purging

Even in the midst of chaos, I can always [usually] find my calming mug of tea. This morning’s hot beverage: ArtfulTeas Earl Grey Francais

My studio is a tornadic explosion of stuff.

Not just my studio but every room of the house! 


The reason?


I’ve been TOTALLY CONSUMED for the past month with 1st, the build up to The Decision: To Move or Not to Move?

 and then, once The Decision was made — YES, Time To Move — I’ve been consumed with the WORK of going through stuff. 
Stuff and 
stuff and 
stuff and 
Which has led to more Decisions: Keep?   Toss?    Donate?    Gift?    Sell? 

And then cleaning of STUFF. 

And then organzing of

And then packing of

And then delivering of STUFF either to Goodwill, The Dump, The PostOffice, or to Recipients of Stuff.

My goal is to purge — one way or another — half of my stuff. EGADS!
That’s a lot of stuff.
Not sure I’ll make the goal, but I’m determined to try. Already I’ve rid myself of over half of the clothes and books in the house.

I made my decision to move a month ago, and I’ve hardly lifted a paintbrush or made a sketch since. 


There’s a part of my soul that’s a knot of leaden anxiety about it. 
But when I return to painting in a few short weeks, in a gorgeous new clean and tidy studio with good walls and great lighting, my muse and creativity will SOAR!

I can hardly wait.

Now back to dealing with STUFF.