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4.3.14 ~ at long last: my new studio! (and no — it’s not the back of my car….)

by | Apr 4, 2014 | art studio, moving, painting

First load to my new place: The Essentials.

Glory be! Today is the HAPPIEST day I’ve had this year!

After three months of no painting and two months of living in a warren of boxes and chaos, I returned — FINALLY!! — to making Art. And in my NEW STUDIO!

Two months ago I saw the listing on Craig’s List — just two hours after the owner posted it:
1,200 sq feet, loft-townhouse with attached art studio; cathedral ceilings, skylights, lots of windows; washer/drier hook-up; enclosed yard; pets okay.

Could it possibly be?

I made an appointment to see it the next day.

Tucked away in the center of old Santa Fe — hidden down narrow lanes and smack in the middle of the loop of bike paths, a tiny group of townhouses with a large tiled sign out front: ART STUDIOS. I gasped. 
Stepping past the delicate trees and into the soaring-ceilinged living-room, my pulse quickened. 
One look in the ample studio with a sink — a real sink! — I fell into a swoon. 
…Then quickly became sick to my stomach when three other people showed up to look at it. Walking through the space with the landlord and these…these….these low-lifes…these enemies….these competitors! … I nearly choked with my heart pounding in my throat. 

I had to have this space.
THESE people did NOT have to have this space!



my voice 

I’ll take it.


And here I am. After 40+ trips from the old house to the new place to the storage unit to the dump and back and ’round and ’round again and again, I’m finally here, finally settled. The old place AND my storage unit are vacated. Lots and lots of stuff has been gifted, donated, recycled, tossed or stashed in a friend’s garage awaiting a May garage sale. The rest is cleaned and put away.   

Studio move-in day…..Morning.

Studio move-in day….Afternoon…

I think I’ve earned a massage. Or at least a beer. Or both.

After days of considering space, work-flow and light, my beautiful new studio — as of late last night — is organized, ready for my Muse & Me.

The alarm went off this morning at 4:55; within minutes I was sighing blissfully — mug of tea in one hand, paint brush in the other, surrounded by blank white walls.

It’s about time.