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the art of writing made yet more artful: the new mexico landscape note cards

by | Jan 20, 2015 | Uncategorized

Friday afternoon I released to the world my new Note Cards: six beautiful cards, each with a different New Mexico Landscape painting. The scenes are the series of paintings I did last summer based on my friend Russell Smart’s photographs from the Philmont Ranch in Colfax County. The note cards are for sale on my online store for $18.50 per packet, which includes shipping. [Shop for them here.] With my prints starting at $75 and paintings starting at $180, I wanted to have an item for under $20, and this fits the bill nicely. I also love the idea of encouraging others to engage in the slow and lovely act of hand-letter-writing.

new mexico note card set by dawn chandler

new mexico note card set by dawn chandler


new note cards by dawn chandler — a perfect gift

new note cards by dawn chandler — a perfect gift


On FaceBook I offered a free packet of cards to the first 15 people who ‘share’ my announcement about the card. I then stepped away from my computer for a little while to tend to some other project. When I returned a few minutes later, ZOUNDS! well over than 15 people had responded!


So….. I doubled it — Actually, more than doubled it!  And with gratitude for people’s enthusiasm mailed out OVER FORTY FREE PACKETS of note cards (close to $1,000 worth!) to anyone who, within 24 hours of my initial post shared my post on FB and messaged me their mailing address.

So now people? I need you to start buying note cards! 🙂

To sweeten it, here’s a coupon code for 20% off everything in my shop: DAWNSCARDSROCK2015
[Coupon good through Valentine’s Day 2015 — though please note that orders placed between January 25th and February 3 will be filled on February 4th & 5th.]

Thanks, All! I appreciate your interest and enthusiasm!


first round of note card packets ready for shipment!