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solace in the spaces where spirit is found

by | Dec 23, 2018 | Uncategorized

I had in mind sharing something different today. But the response from so many of you to my post “we can only hold so much” was so great, so compassionate, so heartfelt, that I wanted to acknowledge your tremendous big-heartedness.

Thank you.

So many of us are now at the age where our guiding elders are slipping from us.

So many of you shared with me some of your own sorrow of living this truth.

And so many of you extended a message of uplift, a message of comfort. You shared reminders of the places where and moments when you have communed again with the spirits of your loved ones, and made warm suggestions as to where I might commune with mine ~

In the starlit silence of the night.

Smells of bread, of coffee, of roast turkey, of mulled cider, of campfires.

In the stains of old cookbooks.

In the grasp of a beloved mug, a favorite spoon.

In the dog-earned pages of well-worn volumes.

Between lines of poetry.

In the folds of a red bandana.

Among flocks of glass and clay wings.

In well-worn woodworking tools.

In a Bach solo cello…. a Rachmaninoff vesper…

Soaring among hawks.

Grazing among horses.

In the empty spaces within my paintings.


It was the Horses That Brought Her Back to Me oil and mixed media painting by artist Dawn Chandler

 details of mixed media landscape painting Spritis of the Winter Bosque by artist Dawn Chandler



Along forest trails…


Along the Appalachian Trail, Vermont; photo by artist Dawn Chandler


and mountain tops…


Sunset from Roundtop Shelter, Long Trail, Vermont, photo by artist Dawn Chandler


and always, always among the cranes …. and geese…


First sunset of Winter Canada geese in Denver's City Park; photo by artist Dawn Chandler


May our spirits and better angels guide us well in the New Year.

And may there be, truly, peace on Earth, goodwill to all beings.

Happy Holidays to each of you — and thanks so much for being here.

~ Dawn


First sunset of Winter, a couple of Canada geese in Denver's City Park; photo by artist Dawn Chandler



artist Dawn Chandler's shadowed silhouette against the canyon wall at Bandelier

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Blessings ~

Dawn Chandler

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All photos & paintings throughout this blog are by Dawn Chandler unless otherwise noted. Photos of Canada Geese taken in City Park, Denver, on the first full day of Winter, 2018.



Winter Solstice in City Park, Denver, 2018; photo by artist Dawn Chandler