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musings from the studio and beyond ~

dawn chandler’s reflections on art and life. . . .


5.08.13 ~ have you strung your soul to silence? baldy mountain from wilson mesa, reconsidered

have you gazed.... ~ baldy mountain from wilson mesa, reconsidered ~ by dawn chandler ~ mixed media on panel (diptych) ~ 36" x 72" ~ copyright dawn chandler 2013PRINTS AVAILABLE CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS This is exciting: Tomorrow is the opening of The Gift of...

5.01.2013 ~ baldy from wilson mesa – mark’s view – painting and prints

baldy from wilson mesa ~ mark's view ~ by dawn chandler ~ oil on canvas ~ 24" x 48" ~ copyright dawn chandler 2013 And here it is: the grand result of my recent painting explorations of the view of Baldy from WIlson Mesa. Recall that I started this project because my...